Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Getting Review Bombed on Steam

Despite all the hype and anticipation for the series’ follow-up game, Dragon’s Dogma II has returned nothing but reconsideration for Capcom.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 22 Mar 2024

After more than 10 years of slumber, the Dragon’s Dogma series was awakened with Capcom’s realization that their beloved title is still under their command. To be fair, the title was announced back in 2022, giving players a lot of time to prepare for what’s to come. Those two years passed quickly, as Dragon’s Dogma 2 was released today. Capcom, from an objective perspective, is a great gaming company with lots of quality titles to offer, such as Resident Evil and Street Fighter. But seems like they have missed the conception of Dragon’s Dogma II and its average follower.

Capcom released a video about Dragon’s Dogma 2, explaining the overworld and the story of the fearless warrior- of course, that is us. With enthusiasm, the video showcased a lot of true potential on what to expect on the game’s arrival, but little did people know, that instead of a nice narrative and action-filled encounters, they were greeted with problems. One of these problems can be found in the character customization part, where the game didn’t allow you to change your character’s appearance unless you paid a certain amount of saved currency in-game to get the option.

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Some other problems included the absurd amount of DLCs included in the game, such as easy reach to in-game currency, deluxe pack items being sold separately, and most importantly, the rough performance the game provides. In the reviews of the Steam page for Dragon’s Dogma 2, the most frequent downside according to most of the players is how terrible the game runs on moderately high hardware. The second most common complaint seems to be the microtransactions in a single-player game, making the gameplay rather annoying if the DLC and microtransactions didn’t exist, it would have made the game more authentic to play.

This begs the question of why Capcom is pushing unconventional methods on its player base. The game already costs between 70 and 80 dollars, different from region to region, and on top of that, players are sometimes expected to pay more for other items- that aren’t needed but are constantly being pushed to the player’s faces without their interest. In the defense of Capcom, they state that every single item showcased in the DLC packs is obtainable, and can be purchased without spending any money, however, the inclusion of the option still puts people off.

The same discourse happened when Polyphony Digital provided in-game credits for real-life money when Gran Turismo 7 launched two years ago. Series’ long-time fans complained that paying for in-game credits was against the soul of the Gran Turismo and its earned-credits-to-car ratio was terribly unmatched. At least the latter is absent in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s case, but people still went away and bombed the Steam page with review ratings.

It is currently staying at a mixed ratio since Capcom addressed that they are aware of the problems and working to fix them. However, the damage is already done and no matter how they approach the situation, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been added to the list of disastrous launches from big companies.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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