Barbara Crampton Steps Into The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Virginia DLC

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be getting some big updates on March 28.

By Rayan, Posted 28 Mar 2024

When it comes to distinct video game adaptations, the Texas Chain Saw Massacre is sure to go down in the records. With tons of unlockable stuff, the gameplay experience has been fantastic. To make this even more remarkable, Gun Interactive made a decent start with the game bringing in celebrities like Scout Taylor-Compton, Jeannie Tirado, Kristina Klebe, Matt Lowen, and many more. And now they've brought Barbara Crampton into the scene.

Barbara Crampton, known for her voice-over of Mom at the Back 4 Blood and who also played the role of Ellen at Snow Valley and Dr. Katherine McMichaels in From Beyond has made her entry to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Victim, Virginia is Gun Interactive's newest DLC for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, where they have collaborated with this renowned horror actress. Drawing inspiration from Crampton herself, her exceptional voice acting truly brings her persona to life! With Barbara Crampton's involvement in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, there's no double Gun Interactive is thrilled about this latest addition to the game.

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Barbara Crampton's unique power, Boon, will give you a fighting chance against the Slaughter Family. Using a unique combination that Virginia can create at the crafting tables scattered across each area, you'll be able to taint blood containers with Boon. You can momentarily blind a family member by throwing this chemical at them. Virginia, who discovered The Slaughter Family, had a terrible history of abandoning her nursing career in search of her lost son, Jesse. Her skill provides a fresh perspective on Victim gameplay, drawing on her background as a nurse.

In addition to Virginia, the new free map, The Mill, will be available to all players. With the addition of increased verticality, you can traverse over three floors, making this map play unlike any other. New areas for exploring on this map include a ghost town and a parched riverbed, offering gamers a unique take on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This DLC, however, isn't free, as you need to purchase Virginia, including The Mill for $9.99. Good news for the Steam users though, as they can test out the game before buying it during the Free Weekend, which begins on March 28 at 1 PM EDT and continues until April 24 at 1 PM EDT. If you're a first-time buyer, you can get The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for half off and Nancy for free. Fans of the game can get Nancy for half price if they already own it. The dates of this sale are 3/28/2024 to 4/4/2024.

NoobFeed Editor Michael Nicolosi, a long-time fan of the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has recommended this game in his The Texas Chain Saw Massacre review, and since it's available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, there's no harm in trying it before you decide to buy it on any of the available platforms. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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