Microsoft Soon To Launch Xbox AI Chatbot

The Xbox support team has been testing an AI to process refunds and address support inquiries.

By Rayan, Posted 03 Apr 2024

The age of AI is here, and more and more companies are devoting themselves to developing AI that can help with multimode of different tasks. Not long ago, PUBG: Battlegrounds's developer KRAFTON Teased Virtual Human, ANA, and Microsoft, too, introduced the Bing AI program called "Copilot" which guides users with search inquiries. Now, Microsoft has turned towards one of their crown jewels, Xbox, and they are piloting a new Xbox AI to streamline support processes, and it's currently undergoing trial. This Xbox AI chatbot, as far as we can tell, is a component of a broader strategy within Microsoft to integrate AI into the Xbox platform and Xbox services. The Verge reported that Microsoft is testing an "embodied AI character" that animates when replying to Xbox support inquiries.

The AI chatbot for Xbox is integrated with Microsoft's help documentation for the Xbox platform and network. It can handle inquiries and even handle refunds for games through the support website. Word on the street is that the Xbox chatbot can assist with any questions you may have regarding Xbox support, according to an official Microsoft statement. Furthermore, the chatbot can handle the processing of game refunds via the customer support website of Microsoft.

Microsoft Xbox AI Chatbot

Haiyan Zhang, Xbox's GM of gaming AI, revealed the development of an "Xbox Support Virtual Agent" in an interview with The Verge. The AI chatbot can respond to questions about assistance via voice or text, according to Zhang, who described it as "an internal prototype of an animated character" at the moment. Aside from utilizing information from current Xbox Support sites, the prototype streamlines the process of providing support to players by utilizing natural language. Microsoft's concept Xbox chatbot is an element of the larger strategy to incorporate new features and tools driven by artificial intelligence into the Xbox platform and developer tools. Information suggests that Microsoft is working on specialized support to handle moderation and safety-related duties, such as Xbox content monitoring.

At this time, Microsoft's business division has access to the Azure AI Bot Service, which is utilized for the development of conversational artificial intelligence chatbots. If what The Verge claims is true, the new Xbox chatbot will function similarly to automate support duties. However, Microsoft is engaged in other projects as well and this is all a part of Microsoft's bigger plan to integrate AI-powered features into Xbox. Microsoft is researching AI-generated artwork and gaming materials, and there are intentions to integrate AI into game mechanics and content production. This isn't the first time they considered using AI-powered bots to aid gamers. Halo Wars' Serina is an example of a second-generation AI that we have all witnessed and loved too.

The online gaming sector is poised for further transformation as AI undergoes continuing evolution. This follows the recent leak of photos and internal documents that supposedly showed Xbox's all-digital mid-cycle update for the Xbox Series X. It would appear that artificial intelligence will continue to play a significant role in Microsoft's ambitions for the future of Xbox, and bots such as these may represent just the beginning of something. Artificial intelligence has already demonstrated its mettle by perfectly doing routine jobs. Assistance from them has allowed many industries to provide top-notch performance and an optimal user experience, leading to more participation from patrons.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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