Toy Trains Dazzles with Its New Infinite Loop Update

Hop on board Toy Trains and immerse yourself in their new Infinite Loop update.

By AndresPlays, Posted 26 Apr 2024

The charming track-building VR video game Toy Trains recently released a new update called Infinite Loop, introducing endless replayability with its variety of new modes, quality-of-life features, and challenges. Originally released in January for the Meta Quest, PSVR2, and Steam, it debuted straight out of the box with ten straightforward levels showing off the creativity possible with its unique premise, but it left players wanting for more, and developer Something Random has finally answered with comprehensive new content frequently requested by the community.

With the story of a young child spending his afternoons in the attic waiting for his parents to arrive from a trip playing with toy train models to pass the time, the original storyline was complete and cozy, in a way that could make one reminisce about their childhood memories. Based on this narrative, the new Infinite Loop update of Toy Trains adds the perfect excuse to finally achieve those dreams of building your railways in a freeform way to express yourself, especially now with the new Sandbox mode.

Toy Trains Infinite Loop Update

As mentioned, the new Infinite Loop update brings a sleuth of new options that enrich Toy Trains beyond the base game to bring the ultimate package. 12 new challenging levels, and when they say difficult, they mean it, as for the players who had gotten used to the level of difficulty with the original levels, then they will be surprised with the new content arriving their way. The heavily requested Sandbox mode, as its name states, to not have to be bound to the puzzles of each level and create your interactive playground gives VR users total control of the board.

These exciting new options alongside features that make building tracks more accessible, like being able to move across the map and intervene in the layout easier, turning the table to see things and move them from a different perspective, and the eraser to remove unwanted items in your track in the blink of an eye, makes it a much easier proposition with this amount of content and easy to pick and play options.

Finally, what certainly did not seem to lack was content, but now what could manageably be a six-hour fun and immersive way to play with Toy Trains, can be estimated to be way more than that if we are not counting the many hours one can spend creating a perfect board shaping the terrain to your unlimited imagination. This reveals the developer has been paying attention to users’ feedback to deliver a much-wanted patch with the Infinite Loop Update that will surely leave Toy Trains fans playing for hours on end.


All of this as part of a free update, easily makes Toy Trains a game twice as long as it was when it first released, giving new and interested players plenty of reasons to try and build the train tracks of their dreams with this relaxing adventure. Reviewed Toy Trains VR on our sister company GamesCreed, Toy Trains is described as such, “The goal of Toy Trains is simple yet purposeful. To engage with its ingenious railway-building puzzles, exercise your creativity, and have fun in the process. And it achieves it with flying colors.”

Luis Aviles (@AndresPlays93)
Editor, NoobFeed

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