Marvel Rivals Reveals Character Details, Closed Alpha & Tournament

NetEase Games released the most significant update on Marvel Rivals so far, dating back to the game's launch.

By SnowWhite, Posted 07 May 2024

The upcoming hero shooter Marvel Rivals, developed by NetEase Games, will feature Marvel characters. Playing as one of Marvel Comics' numerous heroes—such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Loki, Star-Lord, Frank Castle, or Doctor Strange—we will battle it out in 6v6 rounds. And today, NetEase Games released the most significant update on Marvel Rivals so far, dating back to the game's launch. Aside from announcing new game modes that will be available in the Closed Alpha, NetEase has also unveiled powers for many of its characters. For those of you who are keen on participating in the alpha, your chances of being accepted may be higher than you assumed.

Marvel Rivals, Closed Alpha, CAT, Tournament, Character Details

As for the newly revealed character details, the developers, Peni Parker (SP//dr) will have a gameplay style that is completely unfamiliar to us. Although she is officially a Tank, her real talent is in utilizing different gadgets. Her ability to blast cyberwebs that bind to the surroundings and freeze opponents is a powerful weapon. Her spider bombs and nests can also block opponent paths at certain locations. Her greatest ability is the spider sweeper, which adds mech arms to her suit that knock the opponents down and simultaneously releases all of the gadgets she has. The developers gushed about this character, saying she's a blast to play and a good foil to Scarlet Witch.

And as you've guessed, a major focus in Scarlet Witch's gameplay is on smooth mobility, which is based on slowing and stunning adversaries. Another game-changing ability belongs to Scarlet Witch: the most powerful ultimate. In her ultimate form, she possesses a reality eraser that grants her the ability to freely fly over the map and, after a brief period of time, obliterate any opponents and the surroundings from existing. It sounds incredibly terrible, just as Scarlet Witch ought to be, plus it's an on-hit KO for all characters.  

They also mentioned Storm, Spider-Man, and Galacta. Storm can call upon areas based on electricity or wind to provide AOE damage to opponents or increase the stats of her teammates, respectively. Based on the requirements of her team, she can either increase her offensive or defensive play. Furthermore, we are aware that in addition to the abilities he possesses Spider-Man's spider sense is a passive ability, which reveals itself in the same manner as it does in the animation when opponents are in close proximity. That means Spider-Man will still be able to defeat Loki in any disguise he wears.

As for Galacta, the devs mentioned her Chrono Vision. You will be able to activate Galacta's Chrono Vision by pressing a key, which will display a list of the specific areas of the map that are susceptible to destruction. According to the developers, this plays a significant role in strategy, including the destruction of barriers to open up or block particular passages on the map, as well as other possible uses.

Marvel Rivals, Closed Alpha, CAT, Tournament, Character Details, Gameplay

NetEase has gone to great lengths to ensure that these characters feel authentic in the game; he essentially has an in-built sensor. If a character possesses a superpower, it is imaginatively and realistically depicted in this game. And they have promised a great deal of activity that will be taking place in this Alpha. For starters, there will be five different choices available to you when you start the Closed Alpha. Marvel Rivals' Closed Alpha Test is scheduled to begin on May 10 at 5:00 PM (PDT) and end at 11:59 PM (PDT) on May 20. You will be able to explore five different modes: tutorial, quick match, pocket universe, custom, and competitive. In case you were wondering:

TUTORIAL: This, according to the creators, goes into great detail and shows you the ropes when it comes to Galactic Chrono Vision and the game itself.

QUICK MATCH: Rapidly enters a match for you.

POCKET UNIVERSE: Destroy as many foes as you can before respawning at a location of your choosing.

CUSTOM: Custom matches will also be available in the alpha, allowing you to play against your friends.

COMPETITIVE: A team deathmatch mode that places less focus on tactics and allows you to immediately jump in and start fighting other players.

And then comes the tournament that surprised us all. They are hosting an exciting 6v6 "Dawn of Legends" tournament including a large prize pool and a variety of exciting in-game activities. Obviously, not everyone who registered can participate in the CAT because of the restricted number of slots available. Nevertheless, NetEase has promised that your enthusiasm won't be ignored! There will be more opportunities to register for the CAT since they are working on the upcoming test plans so that they can include more players.

Marvel Rivals, Closed Alpha, CAT, Tournament, Character Details

But those who'll make it to the CAT, will be able to take part in the Dawn of Legends - 6V6 Tournament with Big Prizes, which is scheduled to take place in the near future. You not only will be titled as legendary but a substantial $22,500 is up for grabs in this contest. Not only that but every single member of the top 32 factions will also be awarded the rare title of Dawn of Legends. NetEase is also setting up their official Twitch account and anyone can tune in to watch the whole competition live and experience all the action. There will be three stages in the Dawn of Legends:

1) Registrations from May 10th to 13th (PDT)

2) Open Qualifiers from May 14th to 16th (PDT)

3) Knockout Stage from May 17th to 19th (PDT)

Now here comes the important part. If you want to be one of the first to play Marvel Rivals before everyone else, you have to visit the official website. There, you'll see an opportunity to sign up for the Alpha. You'll then be directed to the Closed Alpha Playtest Registration form that requires basic information about your PC setup (CPU, RAM, etc.), as well as their region and level of familiarity with Marvel Comics in various media. Following completion and submission of the form, you have to await notification regarding their test selection status.

The future of the hero shooter genre has been uncertain lately, and Marvel Rivals could be a new contender. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to expect the game to generate considerable excitement prior to Alpha, considering the weight of the Marvel licensing. It is now only a matter of time whether or not the game provides its devoted following with an experience that is worth their time. Concerning the subject at hand, the developers have also revealed that, with the successful completion of the Beta, you will be able to ask all of your friends to join you in playing the game since there will be a comprehensive clan system and customizable skins for every character. We have high hopes for this alpha and let's hope the heroes are up to the task ahead. 

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