Phantom Blade Zero Release Date & Everything We Know

We can expect Phantom Blade Zero to be released in the fall of 2025 if not early 2026.

By Rayan, Posted 13 Jun 2024

There have been plenty of action RPG games released in recent years and more are coming quite frequently. Fans of this genre had their eyes on Phantom Blade Zero ever since it was announced at the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase. It's undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated upcoming action role-playing games and has recently received considerable amounts of new gameplay that showcases quite a bit about the game. 

Though Phantom Blade Zero appeared to be very cinematic in the past reveals, the newly revealed gameplay shows the actual gameplay which might interest the soulslike fans as well. It appears to be a combination of hack-and-slash and soulslike, drawing inspiration from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Sekiro while including the dexterity and fast pace of Ghost of Tsushima.

Phantom Blade Zero, Release Date, Gameplay, Screenshots, Soul, Protagonist, NoobFeed

After the recent gameplay reveal at the IGN Live 2024, the captivating storyline, gorgeous cinematic graphics, and intense gameplay of Phantom Blade Zero have pumped up the fans. While some predicted that there are already a ton of fantastic games in this genre and with titles like Black Myth: Wukong on the way, Phantom Blade Zero will have a tough time standing out. But given the variety of gameplay features we've seen so far, it might just surprise everyone. So, we'll take an in-depth look at Phantom Blade Zero and explore everything we've discovered about the game so far.

Phantom Blade Zero is currently being developed by a Chinese studio called S-GAME, who previously published a mobile game Phantom Blade: Executioners that also got a PlayStation free-to-play release. While this may seem like cause for concern, it's rather encouraging to see mobile game developers offering high-quality console titles like the amazing Shift Up with Stellar Blade.

Alternatively, there's Cygames, developer of the equally fantastic Granblue Fantasy: Relink. The fact that mobile game companies are entering the console game arena is something that I am not overly concerned about, as long as they deliver games that we'd like. And given the popularity of Phantom Blade: Executioners, and the recent gameplay showcase, Phantom Blade Zero seems to be in that direction.

While we don't know the full story of Phantom Blade Zero yet, we know that you'll be playing as an assassin named Soul. The game takes place in a fictitious China during the Ming Dynasty in the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries where Soul was falsely accused and murdered while on a mission, but a mysterious healer revives him—but only for 66 days. Now, with 66 days remaining, the action takes on a distinct sense of urgency as you make your way through the game, exploring themes of betrayal, redemption, and survival.

Phantom Blade Zero, Release Date, Gameplay, Screenshots, Mini Boss, Normal Enemies

The narrative has a semi-open universe and is anticipated to be thirty to forty hours long. They've compared it to the soulslike series, which features multi-layered maps with a modern twist, and it's going to have several expansive areas with different activities. Besides the maps having multiple levels and paths, the developers have stated that secret chests can be found anywhere.

Phantom Blade Zero's gameplay also appears to be quite stunning, which seems to be fast-paced, incredibly fluid, and dynamic. The recently released teaser showed off some features, including the fighting system, boss fights, and parkour moves like wall running and jumping. It's not surprising that the combat looks very great since S-GAME has hired Kenji Tanigaki as the game's action director. He is a quite famous Japanese action choreographer and filmmaker who is mostly known for his martial arts films.

But, unlike other soulslike games, Phantom Blade Zero is heavily focused on combo-driven fighting, which adds an intriguing element to the gameplay. Combats are both tactically challenging and visually appealing since you can chain up extensive sequences of hits using phantom edges and other weapons. You'll have the ability to cancel the animation, connect combos of different weapons, and use ultimate to build impressive long combo strings.

The graphics reveal that Unreal Engine 5 was used to craft a fantastic, dark setting for the game. In addition to showcasing a thorough overview of the game's combat mechanisms, the gameplay reveal also included a small portion of the game's exploration aspects. It provided a detailed look into the numerous gameplay mechanics and overall design approach of the game.

Phantom Blade Zero, Release Date, Gameplay, Screenshots, Assassination

The gameplay consisted of four levels: a tutorial level that demonstrates the controls, basic gameplay, and the general structure of the combat; a stage that lets you experience moving through an area by clearing out regular enemies; a stage that ends with a mini-boss; a boss fight that gives the impression of being in the middle of the level; and finally, an actual boss fight.

As for the weapons, while the gameplay only included three weapon types, the developers have confirmed that there would be more than thirty in the full game. The Dual Blades, a lightweight weapon that we first saw in the gameplay seemed great for quick close-quarters fighting. They appear to be especially well-suited for players who like to move quickly, perform acrobatic feats, and unleash lengthy combo chains of attacks. They seem to deal a lot of damage each second, and their increased agility makes dodging and parrying blows from enemies much easier.

The One-Handed Sword, on the other hand, is an adaptable weapon that can slash quickly and hit powerfully; it is both offensive and defensive, making it useful in a variety of battles. It seems like this is a solid option for newcomers and is always one of the best choices for seasoned pros. And then there was the Great Sword, which delivers tremendous damage with a single swipe of their blades.

Although they move more slowly than other weapons, great swords are designed to do damage to numerous enemy groups at once. The Great Sword is known for its devastating blows, which may cause enemies to stumble and even fall to their knees. An additional item that was shown during the performance was a Long Straight Sword. You can have two main weapons equipped at once and swap between them effortlessly in the middle of a fight.

Phantom Blade Zero, Release Date, Gameplay, Screenshots, Mini Boss, Boss Fight

There are also less powerful weapons such as the bow, which is great for long-range assaults like sniping adversaries and charging up your bullets for greater damage. Apart from the weapons, the Two Phantom Edges, however, can serve as your supplementary gadgets. With Phantom Edges, you get access to more attack possibilities, increased combo potential, and some seriously great steampunk-style tools.

The Tiger Hand Cannon, for instance, when used mid-combo, can charge up and unleash a barrage of enemies from close quarters or far away, like a grenade launcher with a vast AOE. Similarly, the Flamethrower can be activated to shoot a continuous stream of fire at enemies across a large area, damaging them constantly while also temporarily immobilizing bosses.

The bosses shown in the gameplay had their special moves and attack patterns, which brings up an important point: in games like this, it's crucial to comprehend how the AI behaves so you can adjust your playstyle or build to defeat them. And for any soulslike game, when you're in the thick of battle, dodging and blocking are your best bets for staying alive.

Your energy, or Sha-Chi as it's known in-game, is the orange bar that sits beneath your health bar. Excessive blocking can drain this meter, leaving you exposed to a guard break, but precisely timed dodges might yield counterattacks akin to a parry. The developers have stated their intention of implementing unique gameplay elements, such as fast-paced combinations and action-driven combat, and a captivating story with complex and likable characters.

Phantom Blade Zero, Release Date, Gameplay, Screenshots, Female Protagonist, NoobFeed

Despite the game's gorgeous graphics and fast-paced combat, the game's final delivery will determine how well it does. S-GAME has not revealed any official release date yet, but given that development began in 2022, games like this ideal require around three to four years of dev time. For instance, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty took two years and Ghost of Tsushima took six years, and before seeing the gameplay, we would have predicted a 2026 release, but Phantom Blade Zero appears to be quite polished already.

Regardless, we're all very excited to play the game and looking forward to a final confirmation from S-GAME. Although it will be available on PC and PlayStation 5, there have been no announcements regarding an Xbox release. We can expect Phantom Blade Zero to be released in the fall of 2025 if not early 2026.

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