Elden Ring Patch Balances Shadow of the Erdtree PvP

Swift Slash gets a PvP nerf, Carian Sorcery Sword gets a rework, some performance issues are addressed, and several other minor changes.

By nine_toes, Posted 07 Jul 2024

Elden Ring's latest update, patch, is here, and it focuses on bug fixes and balancing the game. There are a few tweaks to appease players, especially those who favor intelligence builds.


PvP Gets a Touch

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, 1.12.3, Update, Patch Notes, News, Screenshots

The update acknowledges the competitive scene with a nerf for the "Swift Slash" Skill in PvP. Players can expect this skill to deal less damage and have a shorter damage animation, making for a more balanced experience.


General Balance Tweaks

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, 1.12.3, Update, Patch Notes, News, Screenshots

Magic users can celebrate a buff for the Carian Sorcery Sword. This weapon now has increased intelligence scaling, making it a more attractive choice for those intelligence builds. However, to maintain balance, the sword's base damage has been slightly reduced.

The new throwing weapon mechanic now gets a buff with extended range granted to both the Smithscript Dagger and Smithscript Cirque. Perhaps this may replace the need for carrying bows altogether?

For those revisiting the Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Gaius boss fights, the update ensures a consistent experience. The bosses spawn locations have been made more consistent, apparently this wasn’t the case prior to the update.


Bug Fixes

The patch tackles a multitude of bugs that have been plaguing players. Notably, the excessive damage dealt by the "Rolling Sparks" Skill has been addressed. Now the Ash does a lot less damage compared to before. Additionally, several bugs affecting Weapon Skills have been squashed. This includes an issue that prevented special effects applied to right-handed weapons from transferring to specific left-handed skills.

Thrusting shield users can breathe a sigh of relief as the update fixes a bug causing them to drain excessive stamina while guarding and attacking simultaneously. Players wielding certain Backhand Blades weapons can now effectively cancel the recovery animation of their heavy attacks with a dodge roll, thanks to another bug fix.

The patch also eliminates a bug that allowed the Lightning Perfume Bottle and Frenzyflame Perfume Bottle to deal double damage under specific circumstances.

Scaling issues for several weapons have been rectified. This includes the Bloodfiend's Arm, Gazing Finger, Fire Giant's Greatsword, and Smithscript weapons with elemental infusions.

Another bug related to enemy health has been fixed. Previously, enemies would regain health after the gradual HP reduction effect applied by Black Knife Tiche's Destined Death effect wore off. This unintended benefit has been removed.

The Golden Hippopotamus' notorious grab attack, a source of frustration for many, has been adjusted to be easier to dodge. Text display inconsistencies that may have caused confusion have also been banished.

Beyond the mentioned fixes, the patch encompasses various other bug fixes and potential performance improvements for a smoother gameplay experience.


Performance Enhancements (Console Specific):

PS5 players experiencing frame rate issues might be able to find a solution by using the “Rebuild Database” option found in the recovery menu.


Performance Enhancements (PC):

For PC players, the culprit behind unstable frame rates might be unintentionally enabled Ray Tracing. The update recommends checking the Ray Tracing settings within the game's menu.

Some PC players might encounter the message "Inappropriate activity detected" despite not cheating. This could be a sign of corrupted game files. The update suggests verifying the game's file integrity before restarting.

Unstable frame rates on PC could also be linked to third-party mouse control applications. Deactivating these applications might improve performance.


Online Play Update:

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, 1.12.3, Update, Patch Notes, News, Screenshots

A gentle reminder for online players: update 1.12.3 is mandatory for online play.


This new patch does not bring anything major to the table. It only fixes some bugs and balanced a few unintended effects out, but the performance fixes were much needed as there have been several complaints about it since release.

Ahnaf Tajwar,
Editor, NoobFeed

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