Cardboard Computer Provides Minor Relief to Kentucky Route Zero Fans

Act III of Cardboard Computer's Kentucky Route Zero seems to be coming along, but still no release date.

By XboxBetty, Posted 12 Feb 2014

Successfully Kickstarted in 2011, "Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist adventure game" wherein players explore a highway beneath the state of Kentucky and interact with those who travel it. The game was successfully Kickstarted, made its way through Steam Greenlight and has won numerous awards since. NoobFeed thought very highly of Act I and Act II of Kentucky Route Zero, with it being one of the team's favorite indie games of the year.

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Fans of the 2013 indie game have been waiting quite patiently for details surrounding  Act III of the adventure game. With the initial act releasing nearly a year ago and act II releasing last spring, impatience is to be expected.

This week Cardboard Computer released a progress update with all hopes and dreams of a release date quickly being squashed. However, the developers  explained, "We know it’s a bit unusual for a game company not to announce release dates in advance, or generally to keep such a low profile between releases, and of course since many of y’all have paid in advance for all five acts of the game it’s not surprising that you’d want more clarity from us or reassurance that the game is still under development."

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Well, the game is still under development, and Kentucky Route Zero will not be left in the cold, but Cardboard Computer has chosen to withhold the release date for Act III. The previous act's release dates were pushed back and caused a lot of fuss within the community, and it seems Cardboard Computer is more comfortable without deadlines. In other words, "respecting the game rather than the timeline" is more important to the small team of three.

Many players of the previous acts may be wondering about the perceived delay. "Act III is *significantly* more involved than the first two acts," said Cardboard Computer, and the developer reports that act III has grown beyond their expectations, needing more time and effort.  

Does this update mean Act III is coming sooner or later? The post is signed "More soon,"  but one can only speculate. Either way, Act III of Kentucky Route Zero will trustfully be worth the wait.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed.

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