Final Season Pass DLC for The Last of Us will Add a New Difficulty

Mysterious new mode for the single-player of The Last of Us final DLC.

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Mar 2014

The final piece of DLC for The Last of Us Season Pass has been confirmed by Naughty Dog to include a new difficulty for the single-player mode as well as new weapons, skills and maps for the multiplayer component of the game. The name of this mysterious new mode hasn't been revealed, perhaps it'll make Survival mode much harder for those seeking a challenge.

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Naughty Dog has also released a new behind-the-scenes video showcasing their development of the DLC The Last of Us - Left Behind. If you haven't experience Left Behind yet be aware that the video contains spoilers.

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Platform(s): PS3
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Release Date: 2014-02-14

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