Benjamin Rivers Announces Alone With You

Alone With You - A psychological romance adventure from the creator of Home.

By XboxBetty, Posted 12 Mar 2014

Released on PC and Mac in June of 2012, Benjamin Rivers' horror adventure game, Home, soon made its way to iOS, finding success on each platform. Costing a mere $2.99, Home is worth adding to the adventure fan's collection, with NoobFeed scoring the game 75/100.

Benjamin Rivers,Alone With You

Benjamin Rivers has been hard at work, and today he announced his next game, Alone With You. Described as "a single-player exploration game," little has been revealed about Rivers' game, however, a teaser trailer has been released giving viewers a peak at what to expect from the "game that takes a unique approach to romance."

The teaser trailer unveils a pixelated world, perhaps on a futuristic earth or an entirely different planet. Full of captions, "I have some bad news," "Our efforts to terraform this planet have been a failure," and "Don't worry, though. You and I can still make this work," viewers quickly catch on that Alone With You is about a failed attempt at making a planet habitable. Further, the trailer goes on to describe Alone With You as a game about discovery, escape and love.

Benjamin Rivers,Alone With You

Watch Alone With You's GDC 2014 announcement trailer on the game's official website, and stay tuned for further details regarding Benjamin Rivers' current project.

Read NoobFeed's review of Benjamin Rivers' Home.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed.

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