Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale aims to bring Pandora to life

By Andy, Posted 05 May 2014

When it was announced that Telltale was working on a Borderlands game, I will admit that I was surprised and skeptical. To me the Borderlands world was huge, open, and an FPS, not an adventure game like Telltale is known to make.  While I am still not convinced about this game, the latest news about this project is promising.  The first screens from this game have been released and it is uncanny how well the original vision of Borderlands fits in with the artistry that Telltale does.

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I have also considered that my favorite aspect of the Borderland series has been all of the interesting people, places, and scenarios that you encounter while progressing through the game.  While I know that this new entry into the series is going to be completely different, I have faith that Telltale is going to spin a story in the Pandora universe that is worthy of its predecessors.  In addition to the new screens released today, the following were announced as well:

      -    Episodes will be $4.99 each outside of the Season Pass
      -    The story is set after Borderlands 2

Also announced is that the loot collected in this game will somehow be usable in other Borderland games.  It is yet to be explained how exactly this functionality is going to work, and if it will be with one of the previous games or an unannounced, upcoming game.

Andy Bayless (@workgamesleep), NoobFeed

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