The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Five - No Going Back Trailer Première Tomorrow

Watch the trailer for the final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Five tomorrow.

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Aug 2014

The Walking Dead - Season 2 has been a trying experience for the game's protagonist Clementine. The masterminds behind this extraordinary adventure, Telltale Games, announced today that the trailer for the last episode of The Walking Dead - Season 2 will première tomorrow at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Called No Going Back, little is known about the episode outside from snippets of information. One Vine video shows Clementine alone in the snow while a nursery rhyme plays in the background. Another teased image shows Clementine alone with Rebecca's baby attempting to evade Walkers.

The Walking Dead - Season Two stars a teenage girl named Clementine as she attempts to survive the everyday struggles of living during a zombie apocalypse. The episodic tale has garnered a lot of popular support from fans who praise the game for its intense decision-making moments and incredible character design.

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