Skullgirls Encore for PS4 and PS Vita Delayed till 2015

Eliza coming to Skullgirls Encore today on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions delayed till 2015

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Oct 2014

PlayStation fans will have to wait a bit longer for Skullgirls Encore. Developer Lab Zero Games has announced that the game will miss its 2014 launch, instead it'll release early 2015. The reason behind the delay, according to the developer, is to expand the scope of the port. 

Lab Zero had some good news though, announcing that the third character from the studio's Indiegogo campaign is coming to PS3 today. As with the other DLC characters Eliza is free to download for the next three months. After that she'll be offered at a cost. 

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs and Lab Zero Games and published by Autumn Games and Konami. Released in April 2012 on Xbox Live and Sony Entertainment Network it was pulled from both stores until December 2013 due to a change in publishers, the game was re-released as Skullgirls Encore on both platforms.

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Skullgirls received positive reviews highlighting the game's 2D visuals and intense fighting mechanics. 

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