Razer Announces ‘Open Source’ Platform for Virtual Reality Gaming

Razer is entering the Virtual Reality Gaming scene.

By Gabriel_P, Posted 06 Jan 2015

Razer has designed a product called the Open Source Virtual Reality Hacker Dev Kit (HDK), which is a virtual reality gaming device and an open-source software that allows programming for all kinds of VR technology. The OSVRHDK will ship in June 2015.

Essentially, this product will allow third parties to design their own virtual reality apps on any operating system, including Windows, Linux, and Android.

Every level of virtual reality gaming is supported by the HDK, for both the hardware and software elements. It will be compatible with the most popular VR engines, like Unity and Unreal Engine 4. It’s main competitor is the Oculus Rift Dev Kit. However, the HDK is priced at $199, whereas the Oculus Rift sits at $350. It’s software platform does support any piece of VR hardware, so this device could be used together with the Oculus Rift.

Razer OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

Razer co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, says, “Gaming is moving towards the virtual reality platform and this poses huge benefits and challenges to gamers at every level. OSVR brings game developers, gamers and hardware manufacturers together to solve those challenges and make virtual reality gaming a reality for the masses.” Razer is working closely with Senics, and Yuval Boger, the CEO, claims this product will provide consumers with “freedom,” and will “accelerate innovation” for virtual reality gaming.

A focus point of the HDK is that it is supposedly easier to use than other VR devices. This is because it includes low-distortion optics, which eliminates the need for colour and distortion correction, which thus, minimizes the amount of additional development and coding.

The HDK has a 5.5 inch display, presented in 1080p with a100° field of view and is refreshed at 60 frames per second. It is currently available to professional developers, and will be released to the public in Q2 2015.

Gabriel Polychronis, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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