Distant Star: Revenant Fleet On Steam Is A Grouped FTL, Now With Pause Button

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet puts more FTL in its real-time strategy roguelike mix and that's okay.

By Daavpuke, Posted 28 Jan 2015

So, you liked FTL: Faster than Light, but you’re ready for something new. Well, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet might be the mixture of tactical play and procedurally generated content that will satisfy many a fan of its genres. Its roguelike concept that grants one shot to complete a set of random events has added some tweaks to the real-time strategy (RTS) pitch. Mainly, a pause option will allow those too overwhelmed by the ticking clock to scale back and get more FTL-y with static commands. These things can be tough enough as it is, right?

Some differences in Distant Star: Revenant Fleet towards FTL is that this PC project has multiple ships that can be controlled like a party. A group can be comprised of several different builds, each with respective strengths. Weapons and their upgrades provide a way to boost units for tougher challenges. Missions yield loot, as well as an occasional ship that can join the fight. Eventually, the team goes up against a final encounter, after traveling through a few sectors. So, it still sounds quite a lot like FTL, but as a convoy mission in an RTS game, not as a lone venture.

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Aside from the simple yet critically altering feature of a pause button, version of Distant Star: Revenant Fleet brings more weapons to the game, as well as tweaks to loot drops and mines or turrets on the map. For the Alpha stage of the strategy rumble, all seven ship builds will be present in the starting shop. This maneuver allows developer Blazing Griffin to receive as much possible feedback on all types. After Alpha status has passed, only three classes will remain in the store.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is the first item on Steam from Blazing Griffin. It currently costs a modest €5.99 for entry. More features and maps are forthcoming.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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