Influent's Newest DLC Adds Brazilian Portuguese to its List of Languages

Influent's Brazilian Breeze DLC pack adds Brazilian Portuguese to its robust roster of languages you can learn.

By Artemis, Posted 25 Feb 2015

Three Flip Studios, the company behind the new-age language learning game Influent, has released its 14th downloadable content (DLC) language pack, Brazilian Breeze. The language they released was Brazilian Portuguese, in response to them releasing European Portuguese back in December of 2014. Users can purchase it on Steam or the Humble Store for $9.99 as a standalone game, or $4.99 USD if you already own the game as DLC.


This content pack will, like all DLC packs with Influent, focuses primarily on vocabulary rather than grammar. It teaches the player this by interacting with objects in an open 3D environment and teaching what to call each individual object, giving the players choice on what they want to learn about first.

For those who don’t know, Influent was released on March 20th 2014 with critical acclaim for introducing a fun way to help someone learn a new language in an out-of-the-box sort of way. The game helps you learn vocabulary without using pencil or paper.

That’s not all: the game has been updated with four new user interface languages.

According to Three Flip Studios' Blog:

“In addition to this target language pack update, the game has also been updated to include 4 new highly requested user interface languages. This will give more players around the world a chance to try out this interesting new method of learning words and their pronunciations in a foreign language. New and existing users will now have the ability to play Influent in the following languages:

Spanish, Italian, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese

With this massive leap forward, Three Flip Studios is sure to draw more people from around the world to their game, helping them learn a new language.

Angelina Bonilla, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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