MomoCon 2015 Hosts First Indie Game Awards

MomoCon 2015 is doing the thing everyone else is doing now.

By Daavpuke, Posted 06 May 2015

Gaming events and award seasons have pretty much evolved to a year-round occasion now. Hence, MomoCon 2015 will launch its first ceremony this year. A total of twenty indie games have been selected to be commemorated, but only five of the finalists will win a prize. Here are the games in question:

- Among the Sleep
- Avoid It
- Back to Bed
- Checkpoint Champion
- Chronology
- Createrria
- Doctor Who: Legacy
- Dyscourse
- Hay Ewe
- Just Shapes & Beats
- Keebles
- Lumini
- Not a Hero
- Reassembly
- Rollers of the Realm
- Shadow Puppeteer
- Spaera
- StarCrawlers
- Stasis
- The Talos Principle

Momocon Indie Game Awards

The list of finalists is an eclectic mix for sure. Also, there seems to be given fair attention to mobile releases, though games like Back to Bed might have a lot more pull than other, seeing as that project also breached major events. It’s sweet to see a cute, little game like Chronology make its way to an award ceremony as well, seeing as the release largely went by in anonymity. Rollers of the Realm is an Atlus release, which is a questionable indie resource, but anyone trying to make a pinball roleplaying game (RPG) can be given a bit of leniency on the matter.

There’s even a game like Not A Hero in the list, which isn’t technically out yet, though it will have launched once MomoCon takes place, on May 28 to May 31. Likely, the show can rely on their panel of judges, featuring people with privileged access. Judges include Rami Ismail, since they’re everywhere, but also editors like Kotaku’s Mike Fahey or recent independent entertainer, Greg Miller. Recently appointed Escapist director, Janelle Bonanno, is probably also a smart move, given their ties to the GamerGate movement and that group’s gripes with indie award shows and their judges in particular.

Winners of the first Momocon indie awards will each take home a sum of $1000, as well as receive exposure and a trophy. Momocon is sort of a hodgepodge when it comes to nerd culture. Sort of like Facts in Belgium, the event will have games, but also board games, an RPG section or even laser tag.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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