Bundle Stars Site Suffers Data Security Breach

Bundle Stars is the next in line to have some details leak.

By Daavpuke, Posted 17 Feb 2016

In the latest entry of security breaches, deal site Bundle Stars just sent out a mail to its users that accounts may have been accessed by one or multiple people. The site has already reset accounts’ passwords to prevent any further actions. Additionally, the company states that any financial information has not been compromised, as that data isn’t stored locally. The mail states:

We have reason to believe that a number of customer accounts may have been accessed without the permission of the account holder. We think it is likely that an individual or individuals obtained, from the public domain, a list of compromised accounts which have been stolen from other websites.

Along with being forced to reset their passwords, users are also encouraged to change their details on other sites as well.

Bundle Stars Security Breach

In recent news, Steam had a similar slip up in data security this Christmas period. For a short time, users were able to see details from people other than themselves when they visited the store. The error was attributed to a caching error that sent back the wrong page to someone’s request to see the site. The site flaw made things visible such as mail addresses, partial phone numbers and locations.

Bundle Stars is a site that specializes in grouping games together for seriously high discounts, regularly going up to 90% off on the normal store price. They currently have some good deals, such as the Must Play Bundle that includes the Van Helsing series and Gryphon Knight Epic, as well as the RPG Heroes 2 Bundle with Drakensang and Xbox classic, Sudeki.

Mandatory password resets may experience some delays, as there are likely tons of users trying to alter their details at the same time. The process took about five minutes when we did it here.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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