No Man's Sky May Have Paid DLC

With billions of planets to explore would you purchase content for No Man's Sky?

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Aug 2016

For those keeping up with all the news regarding No Man's Sky probably pick up on an interview CEO of Hello Games, Sean Murray, had with Red Bull. During the interview Murray stated that there wouldn't be any paid DLC for No Man's Sky, just patches. Yesterday Murray stated that he may have jumped the gun when he made that claim.

During another interview with the Daily Star Murray stated that he was "perhaps naive" for claiming that all the future content for No Man's Sky will be free updates. Murray explained that "maybe in the future there's some reason why we just couldn't possibly afford to d a certain feature without charging for it." This means that unless a piece of content is too large of an investment to give away expect Hello Games to charge for it. Considering that Hello Games is a small indie company this seems like a completely reasonable argument. Plus with the game having an insane amount of planets to explore, even more considering the travel time to get to all of them, it's hard to foresee how future DLC would add longevity to the game.

Updates on the other hand will definitely improve the experience. For example crashing issues that have been reported across PS4 and PC copies of the game.

No Man's Sky is now available for PS4 and PC.

Source: Red Bull Daily Star

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