Niantic Banning Players for Using Third-Party Applications and Software

Pokémon Go trainer could lose everything

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Aug 2016

Niantic Labs are now issuing ban notifications to anyone using third-party applications and pieces of software.

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The image was posted on Reddit with the ability to appeal the ban. 

Niantic has consistently shut down any third-party software that goes against their terms of services. The most notorious being Pokévision, which cause many to lash out at the developer. Especially after the removal and lack-of a tracking system within the game.

It looks like Niantic is cracking down on those who use outside help to locate Pokémon or boost their level. However considering the complaints regarding the insuffcient tracking system implemented by Niantic Labs this seems like an extreme option.

Those who use the Gym Egg Glitch should be worried that Niantic may extend this ban to those exploiting the game's errors. 

Source: Reddit - zslayer89

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