Purchasing Pokémon Sun and Moon Early Gets You an Exclusive Snorlax

Buy Pokémon Sun and Moon early, get a superpowerful Snorlax content

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Sep 2016

During today's Nintendo Direct presentation it was revealed that those who purchase Pokémon Sun and Moon before January 11, 2017 will gain access to an exclusive Snorlax.

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The unique Munchlax, which evolves into Snorlax, will evolve into Pulverizing Snorlax. This version of the sleeping Pokémon holds an Snorlium Z item and can use a Z-Move called Pulverizing Pancake. Munchlax will also learn the moves Hold Back, which leaves its opponent wit one HP, and Happy Hour, which gives the trainer double money for winning a battle.

The alola version of Raichu will also have a Z-Move called Stoked SparkSurfer.

A new alola version of Rattata was revealed, giving the Pokémon a brand new black coat and a mustache. 

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches November 18th in NA and the 23nd in the UK on Nintendo 3DS.

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