Pokémon Sun and Moon's starter Pokémon Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio final evolution stages have been released. Now you can make an informed decision which to pick.

Decidueye,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Ability: Overgrown
Signature Move, Spirit Shackle: Prevents the Opponent from Switching Pokémon

Incineroar,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Ability: Blaze
Signature Move, Darkest Lariat: Ignores Pokémon stat changes

Primarina,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Ability: Torrent
Signature Movie, Sparkling Aria: Heals the burns of any target it strikes

Also revealed was the guardians of each of the Alola Regions.

The Akala Island's Guardian is name 

Tapu Lele,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

The Ula-ula Island's Guardian is Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Poni Island's Guardian is Tapu Fini.

Tapu Fini,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

A new Pokémon called Cosmog was shown off alongside Persian's Alola form.

NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,Persian Alola,NoobFeed,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Best of all the return of familiar faces such as Cynthia, the Champion of the Sinnoh Pokémon League, as a battling companion and Pokémon veterans Blue and Red. 

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches November 18th on Nintendo 3DS.

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