Origin Becomes Unavailable In Myanmar

EA supposedly blames US sanctions against the country.

By Woozie, Posted 30 Oct 2016

Dropping by reddit, you may bump into a thread created by user trivial_sublime. A resident of Myanmar, he describes how Origin became unavailable in his country, rendering all the games purchased on the platform completely unusable. Furthermore, no refunds were issued. Attached to the thread are two links to discussions from where it can be drawn that the supposed cause for this lies within a handful of sanctions against Myanmar that came from the US government.

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Other users living in Myanmar have also chipped in to confirm that they are also encountering the same issue with the client. On top of that, other platforms such as Steam seem to be working just fine for the same residents affected by the Origin issue. While no elaborate answer has been recieved from EA on this topic until now, one has to wonder, what was the actual cause of this, as the sanctions against Myanmar were lifted on October 7th. On top of that, should other countries expect similar situations to occur in the future? The full post can be found here, in the original reddit thread.

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