Battlefield 1 Fall Update Now Live

Extended Suez Canal, more tickets for attackers in operations and improvements to LMGs are only a few of the changes made to Battlefield 1.

By Woozie, Posted 15 Nov 2016

Battlefield 1 has been out for a month. Benefiting from a smoother launch than BF4, yet not free from issues, the people over at DICE have released the Fall Update for their World War 1 FPS. The biggest changes are aimed at Operations and the Suez Canal map. Following complaints regarding the attacker strength in operation maps, attackers are getting a higher number of tickets to begin with and recieve more tickets when killing retreating defenders. On top of that, flags are slightly easier to capture. Suez Canal recieved two extra flags and reduced capture areas for those found in villages. The armored train now also boasts a mortar, making it slightly less useless against forces fighting inside the villages.

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Soldiers can now be customized within the UI, previously being customizable only once inside a match. Squad leaders who ignore orders will be replaced by the player requesting orders after 60 seconds of non-compliance. LMGs have also been tinkered with so as to make them more appealing to players while, the ability to purchase battlepacks is also featured in the patch notes. These are some much needed changes, save from the purchasable battlepacks, maybe, with the list containing a large amount of other tweaks and fixes as well. I've yet to win an operation as the British against the Ottomans and, in truth, Suez canal was a map I tried to actively avoid in conquest. Squad leaders who ignore orders were definitely not on my list of favorite people, either. You can check the full Fall Update patch notes here.

How do you feel about these changes?

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