Dishonored 2 PC beta Patch Now Available to Join, Patch 1.1 Now Available

Hopefully Dishonored 2's PC version can recover

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Nov 2016

After a rocky launch, a new patch beta is available for Dishonored 2 for PC to address the large amount of concerns that have vexed players since launch.

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On Dishonored 2's official Steam page Bethesda details how players can access the beta and all the issues this patch should resolve.

How to access the Steam Beta 

Log into Steam. 

Right Click on Dishonored 2 in your Library. 

Select Properties. 

Select Betas. 

A drop down menu will appear. Select BetaPatch. 

Select OK. 

Wait a few minutes for game to update. 

When done, Dishonored 2 [BetaPatch] should appear in our Library.

Update v 1.2 Overview 

General performance and optimization improvements 

Auto-detection of the Visual settings was re-worked based on player feedback and observed issues. If still experiencing issues after updating drivers and downloading patch 1.2, advise using the “Restore Settings” option to apply the recommended settings for your hardware. 

Max pre-rendered frames is now managed by the game, advise removing any previous manual customizations in graphics driver control panel 

Fixes multiple related to game logic 

Fixed various issues related to user interface 

Fixed various issues related to mouse/KB and gamepad, including: 
---- Mouse smoothing is now set to minimum by default 

Fixed various issues related to using alt-tab related bugs 

Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors 
---- Fixed a bug where Resolution Scaling was deactivated when the game ran above 30 FPS 
---- Changed the Resolution Scaling settings to be more clear 

Added new settings in the Options menu: 
---- Added a Framerate Limiter so the player can limit framerate fluctuation when playing without V-sync 
---- Added TAA Sharpness option 
---- Added more options to V-Sync settings. NOTE: If you previously disabled V-sync, please check your FPS limiter setting to ensure it is set to your desired limit. 
---- Added Triple Buffering option

Update 1.2 notes


Reduced framerate stuttering 

Added a customizable FPS limiter to reduce the fluctuation 

Framerate capped at 120 FPS to prevent physics issues which occur only above 120fps 

Max pre-rendered frame is now managed by the game 

Adjusted Texture Details settings so settings make a significant visual and performance change 

Fixed a bug where AMD GPU experienced huge framerate drops when there is cloth simulation in the environment. 

Adjusted ocean settings for perf improvement 

Added frequency in V-sync UI 

Fixed a bug where VRAM usage was higher than available VRAM 

Fixed a bug where auto-detected settings were set too high for certain hardware 

Added HBAO+ support for AMD GPUs 

Fixed a bug where turning HBAO+ ON created some bad shadowing on player's hands 

Removed Environment Details settings as it was strongly tied to View Distance 

Removed Fog Quality settings as it was not impacting the visuals or providing performance advantages 

Adjusted auto detected settings for R9 290X2 

Fixed a bug where Water Quality settings was only impacting ocean, not canals or pools 

Improved CPU cores utilization on high and low-end machines


Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity was framerate dependent 

Fixed a bug where the controller vibrates continuously it the player switched from gamepad to mouse and keys while the gamepad was vibrating 

Fixed a bug where Aim Friction didn't work with a gamepad 

Fixed a bug where the gamepad could not be recognized if plugged after the game was ran 

Fixed a bug where resolution could not be changed with mouse 

Mouse smoothing setting is now set to minimum by default (setting won't get overwritten if customized by the player)


Fixed a bug where using ALT + TAB could result in endless switch between the game and other programs 

The player can no longer bring up the Pause menu when using ALT + TAB while dying 

Fixed a bug where the bug kept on registering mouse movements while in background after the player used ALT + TAB to switch to another program


Fixed a bug where the game could crash if the player decided to leave the Clockwork Mansion while Clockwork Soldiers were beheaded 

Fixed a bug where the game crashes if the player attempted to go into visual settings menu after disconnecting a monitor in game 

Fixed a crash when selecting a video card without attached monitor to it 

Fixed a bug where game could freeze in "Another Strange Visit" when opening the weapon wheel with Middle Click button and then scrolled if the player used gamepad before


Fixed a bug where the collar of the player was visible while using Shadow Walk assassination in large FOV 

Fixed a bug where the game could stretch the resolution to fit screen while using a non-native resolution and switching from Borderless Windowed Mode to Windowed Mode 

Fixed a bug where the menu was not filling the whole screen in some resolutions 

Fixed a bug where Mouse Smoothing setting was sometimes not properly displayed even though it was properly saved 

Fixed a bug where ‘Unassigned’ text for unassigned buttons overlaps nearby text with Keyboard and Mouse controls 

Fixed a bug where the player was unable to switch to Full Screen or Windowed Mode after he switched to Borderless Windowed Mode 

Added a Framerate Limiter so the player can limit framerate fluctuation when playing without V-sync 

Added TXAA sharpness setting 

Changed the Aim Assist settings to be more clear 

Added Triple Buffering option 

Added more choices to V-Sync settings 


Fixed a bug where restoring default settings activated the second monitor as the default monitor 

Fixed a bug where the game switched to Borderless Windowed when the player changed resolution while in windowed mode 

Fixed a bug where the game was displaying a black screen if the resolution was set to 1786 x 992 in full screen 

Fixed a bug where expiration of change monitor confirmation dialogue while game is minimized can cause display to stop functioning 

Fixed a bug where Resolution Scaling was deactivated when the game ran above 30 FPS 

Changed the Resolution Scaling settings for a better understanding 

Added resolution ratio to the Resolution drop list 

Fixed a bug where resolution scaling setting was not saved when quitting the options menu 

Fixed a bug where the current game resolution was applied to the monitor when switching monitor even if this resolution was not supported


Fixed a bug where mouse Wheel pop up will highlight as selected incorrect slot after holding key corresponding to an empty slot 

Fixed a bug where initiating Black Market shop with keyboard displays gamepad prompts on menu until additional keyboard or mouse input 

Blink, Far reach and The Heart are now automatically binded to shortcuts after being acquired 

Fixed a bug where the Gun shortcut was not automatically assigned if bullets were picked up before the gun 

Fixed a bug where "<" key appeared as "Unassigned" in game when bound to any action


Fixed a bug where sabotaging the Oraculum device would count as 2 kills and prevent getting the "Clean Hands" achievement

Update 1.2 known issues

Incorrect labels in the Options menu: 
---- “Windowed Mode” should be “Display Mode” 
---- “Adaptive Resolution FPS Threshold ” should be “Adaptive Resolution FPS Target ” 
---- “Borderless windowed mode ” should be “Borderless Fullscreen ” 
---- “Field of Vision” should be “Field of View ” 
---- “God Rays” should be “Light Shafts ” 
---- Adaptive Resolution FPS Threshold setting is not accurately reflected in the Visuals menu after restarting the game when FPS Limiter is used. 
---- Adaptive Resolution FPS Threshold becomes locked to the previous FPS Limiter setting when V-sync is enabled. 
---- Workaround: Toggle V-sync off, then change the FPS Limiter to the desired setting before re-enabling V-sync. 

A visual distortion may occur at the bottom of the screen when toggling Triple Buffering while in-game. 
---- Workaround: Toggle Triple Buffering at the Main Menu, or turn it off then back on while in-game to remove the distortion. 

The in-game Framerate may remain locked to 60 FPS when the V-sync setting is set to Full on a monitor that supports higher than 60Hz refresh rates. 
---- Workaround: Disable V-sync and manually set the FPS Limiter setting to higher than 60 to achieve Framerates above 60 FPS. 

The FPS Limiter setting only displays text in English and is not localized. 
---- Workaround: None. Localization is expected to be implemented in a future update. 

The Adaptive Resolution setting will change to display as Manual when exiting and re-entering the Visual settings menu after setting it to Always. 
---- Workaround: None. This is a visual issue with the menu. The Adaptive Resolution setting will still be enabled and set to the default for the Always setting. 

Keyboard and Mouse controls may display latency in menus and during gameplay when V-sync is set to Half. 
---- Workaround: Either Disable V-sync or change the setting to Full. 

Framerate may not be accurately locked to 30 FPS when setting V-sync to Half 
---- Workaround: Disable V-sync and change the FPS Limiter setting, or increase the V-sync setting. 

Multiple confirmation prompts may appear when cancelling a change to the Triple Buffering Setting. 
---- Workaround: None. Cancel the prompt again until it no longer appears. 

Framerate may be decreased when using V-sync without Triple Buffering Enabled 
---- Workaround: Enable Triple Buffering to see if that increases performance, or disable V-sync. 

Controls may become locked if a controller has been disconnected while the game is running 
---- Workaround: Use Alt+Tab to leave the game window then return, or reconnect the controller. 

Setting the Adaptive Resolution to Off changes the Adaptive Resolution FPS Threshold to 29. 
---- Workaround: None. This is a visual issue with the menu and does not affect the actual in-game Framerate.

Dishonored 2 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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