The Winner For Best Fan Creation At The Game Awards 2016 Is...

The Game Awards 2016 hasn't even informed some nominees who won Best Fan Creation, so what's happening there?

By Daavpuke, Posted 02 Dec 2016

The winner for Best Fan Creation at The Game Awards 2016 is... Schick Hydro!

The Game Awards 2016,Best Fan Creation

Ha, we like to laugh over here. Remember those weird advertisements with the inflated robot man? Remember all those other ads? Remember that footage for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that ran at a rather questionable performance?

Ok, so now that we’re remembering like a bunch of tightknit, little grapes: Remember who won Best Fan Creation? Maybe the winner was announced during one of those many moments where they lumped in awards together, to save time for, let’s say, other priorities? Or, maybe, The Game Awards 2016 just did away with the category that gained some controversy over several nominees and then didn’t tell anyone. The official Twitter feed for the event, which had time to shout-out their Hydro buddy, certainly doesn’t mention anything. Not even the ceremony’s website currently has a winning ribbon around a nominee, where every other category has their little banner present.

The Game Awards 2016,Best Fan Creation

It looks like not even the creators of the specific games know whether they won or not. When asked on Twitter, the creator for Brutal Doom 64, one of the last two nominees in the category, was left guessing, stating:

@DaavPuke @SureAITeam I don't know. Their website still has no winner decided, no websites talking about it, WTF

— Sgt_Mark_IV (@BrutalDoomGuy) December 2, 2016

@DaavPuke seems like something related to Nintendo's takedowns. I don't think we will have an answer today.

— Sgt_Mark_IV (@BrutalDoomGuy) December 2, 2016

Seemingly, The Game Awards quietly killed the Best Fan Creation award altogether, after Pokémon Uranium and Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R) were scrapped as possible laureates. And, rather than address the issue or even stealthily telling other people involved in the category, the organization is trying to pretend it didn’t exist. At the very least, with not even other mod creators being informed, The Game Awards are definitely treating Best Fan Creation as an afterthought, after all the fanfare and great press about heralding Kojima is over. They’ll happily cross that line. Crossing sponsors is another thing.

I, personally, had some words about The Game Awards’ attitude earlier. Go read those words, since a bunch of that stuff pretty much repeated itself this year. At least it looks like pundits are catching up to the idea that this show might be mostly for advertisement purposes, like the recent Totalbiscuit ramble about the topic, for example. We’ll see if that affects how the ceremony is structured in future years.

Seriously though, just let the fan game creators know if they won, at least. Don’t dangle a carrot out like that; it’s a real mean thing to do.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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