Cossacks 3: Days Of Brilliance DLC Now Available

Cossacks 3 gets a new campaign, factions and units in the Days Of Brilliance DLC.

By Woozie, Posted 14 Dec 2016

Coming out a bit earlier this year, Cossacks 3 proposed a return to the beloved RTS series. Being a remake, rather than a full new entry, it still attracted a number of people looking to, perhaps, get on the nostalgia train. As of yesterday, the game also recieved its first bit of paid DLC in the shape of Cossacks 3: Days Of Brilliance.

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For 3,99 euros, or your regional equivalent, you can get your hands on a new campaign featuring the Polish that takes you through the Battle of Klushino, among other things. Furthermore, you'll recieve 5 new missions, Denmark and The Netherlands as playable factions and 5 new units. This is only the first step towards adding new content to Cossacks 3 as more DLC is sure to come in the future.

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