Stoic Announces Kickstarter For The Banner Saga 3

The final title in The Banner Saga trilogy can now be backed on Kickstarter.

By Woozie, Posted 24 Jan 2017

It is without a doubt that Stoic's The Banner Saga series has offered gamers a good amount of enjoyment. Its tactical battles, coupled with great art design and writing, alongside decisions that had real weight attached to them, made it have its own spot in our minds. That being said, the Kickstarter campaign for The Banner Saga 3 has now begun.

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The final installment in the series, The Banner Saga 3 aims to stay true to the series ideals. $20 will get you a digital download of the title, with other rewards going as high as $10,000 and including stuff like t-shirts, personalized in-game items, mugs and even a drinking horn. At the time of writing over $12000 of the $200,000 goal were pledged, with 42 days remaining for the campaign to be succesful. You can check all the details out on The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter campaign page. You'll also find our thoughts on the previous entries in the series below.

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