Total War: Warhammer II Announced, Coming Later This Year

Total War: Warhammer II will be the second game in a planned trilogy.

By Woozie, Posted 31 Mar 2017

After teasing an announcement yesterday, Creative Assembly have lifted the veil announcing Total War: Warhammer II. With this, they've made their plans for a trilogy known. The second game in the series will take place across Luthria, Nagarroth, Ulthuan and the Southlands. Initial plans include four playable races, each with two legendary lords. Three of them were seen in the trailer: the High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen. A certain rodent that popped into view near the end makes us assume that the fourth, unannounced as of yet, race will most likely be the Skaven.

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Total War: Warhammer was a clear success and Creative Assembly have provided a good amount of DLC which included entirely new races from the known fantasy universe. The decision to release a sequel so quickly may seem strange, however, justification was offered. Owning both of the games will allow playing matches on a combined campaign map. This means, you'll be able to run across both the Old World map from the first game and the new continents. As the new continents will have a different type of end-game event, centered around the Great Vortex, it will be interesting to see how this will all pan out. Further details await on this blog post.

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