Cossacks 3 DLC Pack 'Path to Grandeur' Will Arrive Featuring Ottoman Empire And Wars Across Europe

GSC Game World finally announces Path to Grandeur, a valiant addition to the franchise's triquel that will be coming on May 16th

By UletheVee4, Posted 04 May 2017

After the recent release of Cossacks 3: Guardians of the Highlands, GSC Game World is gladly announcing that the DLC Pack of the triquel to the Cossacks franchise will be coming to Steam users in May 16th of this year. The release will be allowing players to participate in numerous wars across half of Europe and battling some of the era of the Ottoman empire.

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Some of the main features include campaign expansions like one that revolves around the Ottoman Empire, where players will be in charge of the commander Mehmed Köprülü and other members of the Köprülü Dynasty to lead the Ottoman Empire to its glory and another where you'll take the role of Ambrogio Spinola, the 15th president of the Portuguese Republic and take part of sieges against mighty fortresses while keeping a calm mind to face fiery battles.

Another one of the greatest additions to the game is  total of 8 new units that range from 3 different entities. A new climatic zone where battles can be unfolded on the desert against extreme heat and the arid sands that come with it. And, of course. The return of fan favorites: Portugal and Hungary which will bring their own custom soundtracks to the heat of battle.

Both of these nations will be coming to all the players 2 weeks after the release of the DLC, however. People who have purchased the deluxe edition of Cossacks 3 will have access to the features at the 16th of May.

Javier Ulises, NoobFeed

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