Aztez Is A Bloody Mix Of Turn Based Strategy And Beat 'em Up With A Release Date

Team Colorblind's first effort is coming out in (very) early August.

By Woozie, Posted 05 Jul 2017

After missing its initial 2014 release window, it seems that the time to manage the Aztec empire and bust some heads while we're at it will soon be upon us as Aztez has received a release date. Developed by Team Colorblind, a two man outfit which consists of Ben Ruiz and  Matthew Wegner, Aztez requires players to survive long enough to face the impending Spanish danger. The empire management segments fall under the mark of turn based strategy, while certain events will definitely have you direct control over your warriors in beat 'em up-style sequences. The title has quite a striking visual style, contrasting red (or orange, redorange?) blood splatters with the black and white of, well, everything else.

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Aztez sessions are said to be relatively short, however, the game will have increased replayability through random events. At least 8 weapons sets and over 25 enemies are also part of the deal. Then there's over 70 cosmetic items to look for, since everyone wants their Aztec warrior to be snazzy. The title will launch on August 1st on PC/Mac/Linux and will be available both on Steam and the Humble Store. The expected price is said to be 20 USD, although it's not quite set in stone yet. As for other platforms, the developer had this to say:

"Assuming the game doesn't crash into the mountain on PC, it's coming to PS4/XboxOne/Vita afterward. Technically we're authorized for release on WiiU, but we're going to try and pivot that into a Switch release instead."

Head on over to their blog post for the full details and a neat launch trailer.

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Team Colorblind
Developer(s): Team Colorblind
Genres: Action, Strategy
Themes: Historical, Indie
Release Date: 2017-08-01

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