Albion Online To Launch In A Bit Under Two Weeks

Founders Packs for Albion Online can be purchased until Sunday.

By Woozie, Posted 05 Jul 2017

Albion Online has been in the works for a while and, while it may have fallen under the radar, it's getting close to release. The sandbox MMO boasts a number of features that are not very easily found with the larger names in the genre. For starters, the economy is entirely player-driven. Then, there are no standard classes, abilities coming from different pieces of gear. There are, also, no quests, progression being done through the various activities available (say, chopping wood, or fighting mobs). One can switch up roles and builds by simply switching gear, but one can also easily lose their items as, upon dying, corpses can be looted of all items. This will, undoubtedly, give PvP an interesting spin.

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Albion Online will also feature true cross-platform play when it launches on July 17 for PC/Mac/Linux and Android devices. Those who haven't, can purchase Founder Packs until Sunday (that's July 9) in order to get a headstart. These packs start at $29.95 and go up to $99.95, offering various amounts of Gold (the game's premium currency) and Premium Status (which makes progression quicker). Naturally, prior to the launch, the servers will be wiped of all beta progress, so that everyone gets as equal a footing as possible when the adventure starts. Head on over to the Albion Online website for more details.

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