New Update for Battlefield 1 Allows Free Trials for DLC Maps

Try Battlefield 1's new maps before you buy them in the latest update.

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Jul 2017

The latest update for Battlefield 1 adds new fixes, updates, and a new free-for-all multiplayer mode to all players. Best of all it adds premium trials for everyone still unsure whether to want the new maps for Battlefield 1.

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Called "Prise De Tahure" players who don't own DLC content can try them in timed events. This means for a limited time you can access DLC content without having to join friends who have it. Along with this feature maps a lot more updates and fixes, details below.

Maps and modes:

Soissons: Adjusted Flag D capture area in Frontlines to improve map balance.

Nivelle Nights: Fixed a bug where the Out of Bounds grayscale screen-effect would sometimes fail to enable.

Nivelle Nights: Fixed an issue where field kits in sector five in a Rush game could be used before the sector was active.

Fort de Vaux: Players should no longer be able to get on top of the fort around the courtyard area.

UI fixes:

Fixed issue where the “Player-Created Content” option was grayed-out, unusable, and set to “Hide” after booting the title without a network connection.

Fixed the wrong transport driver chase camera caption in the controls UI.

The networking issues icons will not show up in Spectator Mode anymore.

Other fixes:

Updated the Map Voting system to exclude the previous map (as well as the current map) from the random selection pool to prevent the possible A-B-A-B map play pattern.

Game will now cancel matchmaking whenever backing out of the Operations globe screen. This to prevent a lingering blur state of the globe.

Synchronized damage taken effect to the actual shooter networked state. Previously it lead to out of sync effects where the shooter was not yet visible.

Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when a player joined late and a player just dropped/picked up a weapon.

Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when loading a map.

Implemented a lenient latency setting where players are not penalized for having a higher ping.

Prise De Tahure also adds night time map and German and French soldiers in the Champagne-Ardennes region.

"Prise de Tahure is set in the hours just before dawn in a small countryside town that serves as the arena in the fight over the Champagne-Ardennes region. We wanted to make a map that shared some aspects with Amiens but on a smaller scale, and in a more organic way. We really tried to capture the feeling of it having grown block-by-block over time that is prominent in older cities (Old Town in Stockholm is a good example of the feeling we wanted to achieve)."

DICE's upcoming package "In the Name of Tsar" will release this September.

Battlefield 1 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and Origin PC. Check out our Battlefield 1 Review here.

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