Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition comes Packed with New Races, New Game Modes and More Insanity

We look at the hybrid between Madden and Warhammer as we see more of the Standalone Expansion to the thrilling sequel!

By UletheVee4, Posted 23 Jul 2017

Blood Bowl 2. The sequel to a game that is a great mixture of American Football and Warhammer in a tabletop, comes back with a great expansion in September of this year. The game will come for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with pre-orders available right now.

Blood Bowl 2

There are a whole new variety of races that will be participating in this game; Goblins, Halflings and Amazons. Each with their unique set of abilities that distinguish them from the rest. There will also be teams like Vampires and Ogres that differ in terms of strength and reliability. To Nuffle’s delight, a brand new team has also formed after it was rumored that their Ice Queen became enamored of a Blood Bowl player: The Kislev Circus, with their great acrobatics abilities and their ferocious Tame Bears. This basically brings the entire roster of teams to a grand total of 24.

Players are to expect all the official races from the Blood Bowl board game, all the Star Players, a new Khemri stadium, even more wicked matches with the All-Star teams and the Mixed Teams, new game modes, as well as many new tools and options enriching an already deep multiplayer experience, and much more that we will be detailing the coming weeks.

Blood Bowl 2. Legendary Edition

Fans of the series will be delighted to see this expansion taking place. And it will definitely look like the new additions to the fray will be balanced and fun to play. Not to mention, this expansion comes standalone for new players who want to get some pieces of the action. People who want to pre-order the game will get 10% off in Steam and beta Access. It will also unlock Blood Bowl 2 and its Team Pack races.

Javier Ulises, NoobFeed

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