Hunt: Showdown brings one of the first previews to its Bounties!

How does one of Hunt's creations look? It's a monstrosity straight from hell itself!

By UletheVee4, Posted 23 Jul 2017

Hunt: Showdown, a game that pits you and a second player in the place of members of a secret hunting society that tracks and kills monsters. Bounties are high, but so are the risks. In a game of huge risk-huge reward where the smallest mistake will cost you everything—your bounty, your gear, your life, and your very soul. And everything is also against you, even the very earth you are standing on. Certainly it won’t be a game for the faint of heart.


However, a new horror came to the list as one of the game’s bounties. A fat and putrid monstrosity with a huge knife. Is now coming to the game and the creators can’t be anything more than pleased to show you through this screenshot that also shows some mysterious text. this vessel to leeches and darkness and death is going to be one of the many bounties left for players to find.

The development team has been really busy since they announced the game and went to E3 to show a Gameplay demo. It certainly is a very interesting blend of survival horror and team based exploration. As a fan of horror games myself. I certainly can’t wait to play this game myself.

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Crytek
Developer(s): Crytek
Genres: Horror, Multiplayer
Themes: Action, Bounties
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