The Clan Of The Bear Is Northgard's Fifth Playable Faction

Northgard's newest clan comes with armored bears nobody expected.

By Woozie, Posted 24 Jul 2017

Northgard, Shiro Games' city builder going through Early Access, has received a new update which enriches the game's roster with a fifth playable clan. The Clan Of The Bear, or Bjarki "is home to the most resilient warriors. Hailing from the northern reaches of the realm, they are also very well suited to survive the harsh winters of Northgard." During winters they benefit from both reduced food production loss by 20% and 10% resistance bonus to military units (instead of the usual reduced power). Furthermore, the new clan comes with two new units specific to the faction.

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The Armored Bear is a defensive unit that cannot enter enemy territory. Its high armor makes it ideal for clearing out neutral areas and defending your own. The Shield Maiden replaces the other clans' Warchief, having a lower attack speed but higher defense rating. Having one of these units in an area also increases that area's production yield by 15%. Have a look at the full notes.

You'll find my thoughts on Northgard in our Northgard Early Access Preview.

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