Bungie Regulates Third-Party Applications on PC Versions of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 on PC Will Have Restrictions for Specific Applications

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Aug 2017

Bungie revealed new information regarding the PC version of Destiny 2. According to the developer, the PC version will have limitations on third-party programs.

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Bungie stated that

"To help ensure that every player will have a fair shot at fun and glory in Destiny 2 on PC, we resist attempts by third-party applications to insert code into the game client. This may result in incompatibility between Destiny 2 PC and the features of common third-party applications."

This includes:

Capture Software such as Fraps

Bungie did confirm that Elgato, EVerMedia, NVIDIA Shadowplay, AMD ReLive, and dedicated streaming PCs will be supported in full screen. OBS and XPSplit will not work on full screen unfortunately but you can use them in window mode in both Screen Capture and Window Capture modes. Razer Cortex and Dxtory will also their own limitations.

"Third-party applications which repeatedly attempt to insert code into the Destiny 2 PC client may potentially impact game performance. If players experience decreased performance when running certain applications alongside Destiny 2, their first step should be to ensure that any features of third-party applications which could potentially be attempting to insert code into Destiny 2 are disabled. If disabling such features does not resolve the performance impact, players may wish to try closing the third-party application."

Destiny 2 launches on September 6th for Xbox One and PS4. The PC version launches on October 24th.

Source: Destiny 2 PC and Third-party Application Feature Compatibility

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