Battlefield 1 PC Community Test Environment To Receive Specializations

New ways to customize your soldiers coming to Battlefield 1.

By Woozie, Posted 07 Aug 2017

We all take breaks from playing Battlefield 1. If you happen to spend those breaks on the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment on PC, there are new things headed your way. As the reddit post announcing Specializations reads:

"Specializations are broken down into two different variants: Generic and Kit Specific. Every class has access to 7 Generic Specializations and 2 Kit Specific Specializations.

All players will start with 3 Specializations by default: Flak, Cover and Quick Regen. Further Specializations will be unlocked via completion of new Service Assignments (coming to all players with the "In the Name of the Tsar" expansion), but in the interest of testing and getting feedback, we have unlocked everything for you on the CTE. We will have more information about the Service Assignments at a later time.

Specializations are designed to give players more opportunities and diversity within each kit, not necessarily more power overall. Choices should provide more depth and strategy to gameplay."

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A list of Specializations was also provided and there are a handful of interesting ones there. Camouflage makes one invisible to Spot Flares while moving slowly or remaining stationary. A Medic's Concealed Rescue has downed squadmates drop smoke to cover their revival. The Assault's Juggernaut makes it so that the gas mask also reduces explosive damage by 15%. With the system being in an early state, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Have a look at the reddit post for the full list of Specializations. Different release requirements make the system unable to be present on the console version of the CTE

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