Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor - Martyr Heading To Early Access

Hack, slash and shoot heretics in a week's time.

By Woozie, Posted 24 Aug 2017

The folks over at NeocoreGames have left Van Helsing to rest for a bit heading, instead, into more grimdark territory. Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor - Martyr is the title they're currently working on and, as expected, it's an aRPG set in the universe that PETA tried to render furless earlier this year. If, previously, they had annoucned The Founding as a means to gain access to very early builds of the title, the time has come to take to Early Access seas.

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Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor - Martyr will become available on Steam Early Access on the 31st of August. The expected Early Access period is that of six months. As for how much content will be there in a week's time, the following is stated on the game's Steam page:

With most of the gameplay elements lacking real polish, we estimate this game to be 60-70% complete. It has 80% of planned features with around 40% of the planned content. The game will be expanded and polished in the near future, but we don’t plan on big, fundamental changes, and there are no game breaking problems.

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Neocore Games
Developer(s): Neocore Gamers
Genres: Action-RPG
Themes: Sci-fi, Grimdark
Release Date: 2018-06-05

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