AER - Memories Of Old Launches In A Bit Over Two Weeks

AER - Memories Of Old will have players exploring a world of floating islands.

By Woozie, Posted 10 Oct 2017

Swedish studio Forgotten Key are close to releasing their upcoming title, AER - Memories Of Old. While freely exploring the Land of Gods, a world of floating islands, players will control Auk, a girl who can transform into a bird.

"The game has a focus on strong aesthetics and free exploration gameplay, with all systems building towards that goal: The player is free to explore the world, complete objectives and progress in the order he wants to. All with a seamless, free flight mechanics, and with something new around almost every corner."

AER - Memories Of Old, Image, News

The game will feature a minimalistic art style while also including puzzles. Daedalic Entertainment is handling publishing duties and you can have a look at more pictures and some trailers by heading over to the game's page. AER - Memories Of Old will be out on October 25th on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PS4.

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General Information

Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Daedalic Entertainment
Developer(s): Forgotten Key
Genres: Adventure, Exploration
Themes: Indie
Release Date: 2017-25-10

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