Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Season Pass Gets Detailed In New Trailer

Two new tribes and two story expansions will be added to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War as part of the season pass.

By Woozie, Posted 25 Oct 2017

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War has been out for a while now and, without doubt, tons of orcs have been slaughtered and/or dominated. As the game comes with a season pass, a trailer was released today which details the content included in it. Firstly, two new orc tribes will be added. The Slaughter tribe enjoy, well, slaughtering stuff and using the skin of their victims as adornment for their fortresses. The Outlaw tribe are outcasts of orc society, which is only bound to make them even angrier, I imagine. The two tribes are integrated into the Nemesis system and will be available in November and December, respectively.

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The Blade Of Galadriel story expansion, which will arive in February 2018, has players controlling Altariel as she attempts to harness Galadriel's Light in order to combat a Nazgûl threat. The second Middle-earth: Shadow Of War story expansion, Desolation Of Mordor, puts players in Baranor's shoes while also introducing a new region: Lithlad. Desolation Of Mordor will be available in May 2018. Have a look at the full trailer.

If you're still on the fence about whether purchasing the base game is a good idea or not, give Adam's Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Review a read.

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