Star Wars Battlefront II Developers Are Getting Death Threats

Under no circumstances is this okay

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Nov 2017

EA has been under a lot of backlash after several unpopular decisions. The first being Visceral Games closure, followed by their statements about single-player games that were supported by a former BioWare developer, and now the overuse of microtransactions. The later has become so rampant that EA's upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II has undergone massive changes to its microtransaction system, the most recent being the cost of heroes, and their explanation becoming the most downvoted post in Reddit history. Some consumers have taken this massive storm of controversy as a green light to personally attack the developers of the game, resulting in one developer getting death threats.

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The developer has made his Twitter account private, as the number most likely rose after going public with this information with the final public tweet reading:

“So I’m up to 7 death threats, and over 1600 individual personal attacks now (and yes, for legal reasons I’m keeping track). And why, you might ask? Because of an unpopular feature in a game.”

It should go without saying that sending death threats to anyone isn't okay. It's easy to look at a company as a general entity but people make up these industries, with families and loved ones. If you're unhappy with how a product is not turning out that doesn't give you the right to threaten someone's life. 

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  

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