The Surge: A Walk In The Park Will Add New Implants

New implants open the way for more builds in The Surge: A Walk In The Park.

By Woozie, Posted 27 Nov 2017

As the first expansion for The Surge draws near, Focus Home Interactive have taken to their forums to discuss new additions that will be found in the upcoming expansion. The Surge: A Walk In The Park will add 15 new implants which will expand available combat options. "Implants add passive and active skills to Warren, allowing you to customize his gameplay according to your playstyle. The gear you wear and implants you equip all require Core Power to operate. This means that the more you level up your rig, the more options you’ll be giving yourself when it comes to equipment and playstyle.", the forum post says.

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The forum post continues with an example of a build focused on survivability that can be used in the upcoming expansion. The Surge: A Walk In The Park will be out on December 5th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for the price of 14,99€ or your regional equivalent. Adam enjoyed his time with the original game. Have a look at his The Surge review.

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