Last Encounter Launches On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And PC This Year

Save humanity from a deadly alien force in Last Encounter

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Jan 2018

From Exordium Games comes Last Encounter, a twin-stick shooter featuring weapon customization, local cooperative play, and extensive enemies to defeat.

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Set in the future humanity's last pilots must attempt to defeat the alien race that has invaded their home. 

The vibrant colors and unique enemy designs provide challenging fights throughout the game's campaign. In addition, players can customize their own weapon design and fight alongside friends in local cooperative play.

"Last Encounter offers a cooperative roguelike experience that encourages strategizing and working together, but players who want to tackle the challenge alone are not at a disadvantage," said Andrej Kovacevic, Game Director, Exordium Games. "The component-based weapon system allows players to adapt their weapons and ships to maximize their chances for success in every situation, be it single or multiplayer."

Last Encounter launches on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And PC Q2 2018. Those are PAX South 2018 and PAX Rising can check out the game on the show floor. If you're going to PAX South or PAX Rising you can sign up for the game's beta here.

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