Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Launches Next Week

Revised version of Kerbal Space Program launching next week for PS4

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Jan 2018

Those annoyed about the current state of Kerbal Space Program will be glad to hear a new version is coming out next week that will provide an easier experience.

Kerbal Space Program,NoobFeed,Bitworks,

Called Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, this version will launch on January 16th.

It’s an exciting time at Squad’s Mission Control facility as we are getting ready to launch Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on PS4 on January 16. We’ve partnered with the talented and experienced team at BlitWorks to develop this new PS4 version from the ground up that includes a bunch of enhancements for performance, user interface, and all-new controller layouts to improve your experience playing the game.

The new changes include:

Updated UI
New Control Scheme for the Maneuver Mode
3 Reworked Controller Options

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition,NoobFeed,

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition,NoobFeed,

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition,NoobFeed,

In addition, the developers have revised the cursor, radial, and simplified the controls for easier play along with:

[New] communication network capabilities between the Kerbal Space Center and launched spacecraft, an overhaul to the SAS system that assists your flight stability, and much more.

Those who already own Kerbal Space Program will get the updated version for free. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition launches on January 16th for PS4.

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