Overwatch’s Next Hero Will Change The Meta

Next hero in Overwatch is ground breaking

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Jan 2018

Earlier this year Jeff Kaplan took to the internet to explain the future of Overwatch. He confirmed that the Lunar Year, Anniversary, and Uprising events will make a return but most importantly that a new hero was in internal testing. Now more information regarding the hero has surfaced.


Speaking to Overwatch Central Jeff Kaplan stated that the new hero will change the meta of the game. Whoever this person Kaplan believes that players will have to change their entire strategies to combat this new character. Kaplan couldn't go into detail but consider the detail each hero has, strengths and weaknesses, to make such as bold claim is pretty striking.

No release date was given but Kaplan did confirm that multiple skins have been developed for the hero and with the sheer amount of content available for current heroes cosmetics for this new hero has to be on par. This was an issue when Sombra and Ana launched and didn't have the same amount of emotes as the launch heroes. Moira, on the other hand, launched with a full set of emotes.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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