Battlefield 1's Apocalypse Expansion Gets Detailed

The final expansion for Battlefield 1 will add five new maps, including Passchendaele and River Somme.

By Woozie, Posted 18 Jan 2018

With the second half of its third expansion on the way this month, details regarding Battlefield 1's final expansion, Apocalypse, have popped up. It will come with five new maps: Passchendaele, Caporetto, River Somme, Razor's Edge and London Calling. The last two will be tied to the new game mode that will be introduced, Air Assault. Six new firearms will be made available, including the Chauchat-Ribeyrolles SMG.

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Battlefield 1 Apocalypse will also bring new melee weapons to the front, including a meat cleaver and a prybar. The Assault class will receive an AA Rocket gun, while the Caporetto map will allow piloting two new bombers: the Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10. Have a look at the full announcement for all the details. The Apocalypse expansion for Battlefield 1 will arrive in February for Premium Pass and Revolution Edition owners.

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