Final Fantasy XV Gaining Cross-Platform Cooperative Play Between Xbox One and Windows 10

Play with Xbox One and Windows 10 players in Final Fantasy XV

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Feb 2018

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition alongside the Windows 10 version this March. In addition, Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions will support cross-play with the game's DLC cooperative mode Comrades.

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It was confirmed by Microsoft via their Windows 10 page of Final Fantasy XV. As you would expect this is only for the Windows 10 edition of the game and will not be compatible with the PS4 versions of the game.

Comrades is an online cooperative mode that takes place during the events of Final Fantasy XV. Players create their own character that takes on a series of missions within the world of Final Fantasy XV. The Windows 10 Edition will include:

Supports native 4K (maximum 8K) resolution and HDR10

Mod support

High-resolution compatible display required for 4K/8K

Windows 10 Creators Update compatible display required for HDR10

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition launches on March 6th alongside the Royal Edition.

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