Battlecursed Enters Steam Early Access

Experience the dungeon-crawler RPG Battlecursed now on Steam Early Access

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Feb 2018

Battlecursed, the RPG dungeon-crawler has entered early access on Steam. 

Battlecursed,Codex Worlds,

According to the official press release:

Guide a squad of intrepid adventurers ranging from storm-wielding Elementalists to hulking Grave Knights through a procedurally-generated labyrinth. Strategic use of hero abilities and clever combinations of team composition is the key to vanquishing the Lich Lord Xelo Van.

Battlecursed is dungeon crawler set in a gritty fantasy world currently in development by Codex Worlds who made Infinium Strike. Players customize their unique party to face off against an army of creatures in a changing environment. These include the Cleric, Grave Knight, Hunter and Elementalist.

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General Information

Publisher(s): Codex Worlds
Developer(s): Codex Worlds
Genres: RPG
Themes: Dungeon-crawling
Release Date: 2019

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