Oxygen Not Included Occupational Upgrade Now Live

Oxygen Not Included receives a new job progression system and expanded automation in the latest update.

By Woozie, Posted 08 Feb 2018

Klei Entertainment's Oxygen Not Included has been in Early Access for a couple of months now, receiving a steady stream of updates. The latest content offering went live today, bringing with it a new job progression system and some additions on the automation front. The jobs panel received a rework, allowing the assigning of Duplicants to specific positions (like Miner) and advancing them through the ranks. Jobs come with perks of their own and Duplicants will be interested in specific jobs over others. Assigning them to a job they're curious about will make them more enthusiastic to do so. Duplicants will also wear hats to help distinguish the job they're doing.

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A new Conveyor System has also been added, allowing for the delivery of ore or solid objects around the colony, but also helping with clearing debris off the floor and shooting it back to the buildings and storage containers that need it. You can find the full list of additions, alongside a pretty neat animated short, in the announcement. Oxygen Not Included is currently available on Steam Early Access for the price of 18,39€ or your regional equivalent.

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